Soartec 1/2″ Air Composite Twin Hammer Impact Wrench

  • Utilizing a Twin Hammer mechanism to achieve optimal impact torque output, paired with a specialized Hardened-Treatment for long-lasting durability.
  • Incorporating a specially Hardened-Treated Cylinder, as well as robust Front and Rear Plates, to ensure superior strength and endurance.
  • Strengthened by a Titanium clutch case for added reinforcement.
  • Equipped with a spring-mounted Blade to prevent issues like deadlocks or loss of power.
  • Features a versatile 4 Position Regulator: 3 settings for forward motion, 1 for reverse.
  • Designed with a Composite handle that offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio and prevents discomfort during temperature fluctuations.
  • Enhanced with a 360-degree swivel air inlet, effectively preventing air hose twisting for smoother operation.
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SKU Std. Bolt Cap. (inch/mm) Max. Torque @ 5s (ft-lb / Nm) Free Speed Weight(kg) Action
5/8" (16)
325 (440)
5/8" (16)
523 (709)
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